Romney finance co-chair VanderSloot and his distasteful practice of threatening journalists


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  1. Eccentric Genius says:

    So what you’re saying is “Bring it on”, yes?

    Dang, I love bOING

  2. Gordon JC Pearce says:

    This is the problem with the law surrounding defamation in the US.  No matter who is “right”, the party with the most money wins.  It’s the same with libel law.

    You need to switch to a system like the UK has,  where you have to demonstrate that something *is* actually defamatory or actually libellous, for your case to have any merit.  If the lawsuit between Simon Singh and The British Chiropractic Association had been fought in an American court, he’d have lost with absolutely no chance of winning.

    • Aloisius says:

      Can’t you just have to prefix everything with “I believe” to avoid defamation and libel? Since it shifts the factual claim over to what one believes, but still conveys the same base message.

      I believe this guy is an asshole. I believe this person is anti-gay. I believe he is a space alien hellbent on destroying humanity.

    • Not so much, Gordon, I fear you have it reversed. In the United States, the plaintiff must demonstrate that something was libelous. In the United Kingdom, the defendant has the burden of proving that the statement was not libelous. For a good book on the subject, take a look at Emory Professor Deborah Lipstadt’s book “History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving.”

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Yeah. Libel suits are quite rare in the US because they’re so hard to win.

      • Gordon JC Pearce says:

         It’s trivially easy to win a libel case in the UK, you just have to be telling the truth.

        In the US, you have to have more money than the other guy and you can say what you like.  This is one of the reasons why the US’s SLAPP lawsuits are so particularly nasty.

  3. ComradeQuestions says:

    I gotta admit, that whole copyrighting-the-legal-letter thing was pretty clever.  To quote Ron Burgundy, “I’m not even mad — that’s amazing!”

    They should’ve gone and retroactively trademarked their blog’s name and user pseudonyms, so any use of them in the letter would’ve been a trademark violation.

  4. Hakuin says:

    the people of this planet need to dox the billionaires. 

  5. MrBillWest says:

    My mom just purchased a huge load of their stuff. I’ll make sure that never happens again.

  6. phisrow says:

    Hmm… he’s on the board at the US Chamber of Commerce. I am shocked, shocked, to hear that he indulges in ethically distasteful practices.

  7. Roy Benevidez says:

    If comments on the Salon article are any indication, the VanderSloot trollbot postpeople will be  spamming these comments soon. Let the countdown begin 3 … 2 …

  8. alanbooker says:

    Cory, I have followed you for years. Never posted until now. Great work!! Alan

  9. dumbbunny says:

    Throw down the gauntlet, Cory, throw it down. 

  10. Terry Border says:

    And another round of kudos to Glenn Greenwald, the guy to first shed big light on this particular worm. Salon was brave enough to publish a blistereing attack after so many others had caved.

  11. Oooooooh, a *BULLY*!!!  Oh, I do so adore bullies?  *smacks a virtual baseball bat in his palm*  They squeal so very sweetly when slapped.

    I’ll be mirroring this in my LJ, Facebook, Twitter and oh yeah, on Reddit, too.

    Update: Done!

  12. Palomino says:

    It wasn’t that long ago that you heard these popular terms:


  13. Don Lindsay says:

    Wait, remember Cory’s post
    Teen survivors of American religious brainwashing camps speak

    Isn’t this the guy who is financially involved in those camps ? Lobbies for them in Washington ?

  14. awjt says:

    WAIT JUST A MINUTE HERE.  “VanderSloot”?????  Any relation to Joran the Caribbean ladykiller?

  15. Vinnie Tesla says:

    I’m not sure if is more bizarre if it’s on the level, if it’s some sort of astroturf thing, or if it’s a very dry joke. It  is written as a fawning-to-the-point-of-worship fansite by an anonymous and disinterested admirer.

  16. DevinC says:

    Come on, Boingers!  I know these guys are awful and all, but their name is just so much fun to say!


  17. AlwaysInTents says:

    How deliciously refreshing to finally see a page of comments about Vandersloot that not only do NOT sound like they were all written by the same person, but sound like they were written by a lot of REAL people (who don’t get paid to kiss his backside) who see him for exactly the megalomaniac creep that he is. It’ll be nice while it lasts…sigh.

  18. Ty Myrick says:

    The possibility that a major politician’s money man is a creep: high
    The possibility that the melaleuca bush would feature prominently on BoingBoing on consecutive days: low


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