Here is a video of a person in a Darth Vader mask and cape, and a Utilikilt, riding a unicycle, playing Star Wars music on a bagpipe, in Portland, OR

As you do.

Darth Vadar bagpipe unicycle (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


    1. What, do you mean something like 2012 in an alternate universe where Gore won instead of Bush?

  1. It’s a shame there wasn’t video from another angle because I’m really curious how someone in a Vader mask could play a bagpipe.

      1. Cool. Follow-up question: why would a guy with such a serious asthma problem choose a wind instrument?

    1. I’m really curious how someone in a Vader mask could play a bagpipe.

      Maybe that explains why he’s wearing a kilt.

  2. That is one pretty talented individual, most cant talk and walk at the same time these days.  This guy is on a unicycle which is tricky enough, then playing bagpipes which involves both arms and breathing properly, while wearing a skirt/kilt and a helmet that is probably obscuring his view.

        1. So a Vader-costumed bagpiper on a unicycle is no big thing, but the idea of a girl in a kilt is just too wacky to be plausible?

          1.  If your telling me a girl can where a kilt – then I could no longer trust anything else I know about reality. It would literally shatter and I would go mad.

            So no – too wacky to be plausible.

          2. Mr.44:  In order to avoid shattering the last vestige of your worldview, I suggest you never attend your local Ren Fest. 

  3. I just visited Portland for the first time a couple weeks ago, and even went into Tibet Spirit there on Hawthorne. Must have been too rainy for UniVaderBag to be out, but that would have made my day!

  4. I don’t think I mention often enough just how much BoingBoing increases my quality of life.  Quite a bit.

  5. i must be jaded from living in austin too long…this didn’t seem the least bit strange to me

  6. Weird.  This dude has simultaneously realized a dream I had at seven, one I had at twelve, and a third I had at sixteen years of age.  I never accomplished the latter two (and to be honest my homemade Vader costume looked quite a bit too homemade to satisfy even seven-year-old me), though I did acquire a unicycle at 12 and spent some time falling off it before giving up, and I still have the chanter I bought in hopes of eventually learning to play the bagpipes.  Never did it occur to me to attempt two of these things simultaneously, let alone all three.

    But really, it saddens me a bit that if this guy had done this in, say, Pocatello, or Atlanta, or Fresno, we’d be talking about it for, like, months.  But since he did it in Portland we’ll forget about it before suppertime.

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