HOWTO make rainbow-striped jello Easter eggs


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  1. inedible says:

    I still remember fondly filling blown eggshells with liquid jello and letting them set in the fridge in an egg-carton, making “hard boiled eggs” that were filled with jello instead.

    This is a fantastic idea, but I worry about salmonella.

  2. boristhebear says:

    i assume plastic easter eggs would work just as well as real eggs, the plastic ones you crack in half. just cut a hole in the top of those, pour in the jello. i will have to try it now.

  3. I bet they’d be even better with alcohol added. :)   For the adults of course.

  4. Hanglyman says:

    These may be the most beautiful food I’ve ever seen. But I am a huge sucker for rainbows.

  5. Doug Nelson says:

    We used to take the shavings from the crayon box builtin sharpener, then float them on boiling water, then drop in the (already cooked) egg. Take it back out with a spoon and you had a psychedelic multi-colored egg!

  6. kingsleyd says:

    Jewish Easter?

  7. gt bear says:

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