Awesome and enormous 3D R2D2 cake


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  1. Locobot says:

    Wow, in 3D! Much more filling than those two and four dimensional cakes.

  2. autark says:

    she should have done her hair like Leia for the video

  3. Punchcard says:

    This brought back some some very fond memories of an R2D2 cake pan we had when I was a child. That thing was awesome.

  4. niktemadur says:

    No… I musn’t… can’t… AAAARGH!

  5. Aleknevicus says:

    Very impressive.

    But there’s something about having embedded electronics that makes it “not a cake” for me.

  6. bcsizemo says:

    “My amazing and beautiful wife arranged had an R2D2 cake made for my 40th birthday.”

    Is someone named arranged?

  7. Brad H. says:

    Honestly, nothing that is fun or cool is actually within Canberra and the ACT. Except the pub (Wig & Pen). It’s a good pub. 

  8. pjcamp says:

    I’m sorry, polystyrene is not cake.

    • Frederik says:

      Yeah, that was a little dissapointing. It looks impressive, untill you realize it’s made of wood and polystyrene painted with cake frosting. That’s a model, not a cake.

  9. kringlebertfistyebuns says:

    Lawsuit from Lucasfilm in 5…4…3…

  10. markellis says:

    Apologies for the typos. English is our second language in Australia.

  11. hollander says:

    Nice, but did they do Lady GaGa riding Sharktopus like my wife did? She also did R2, Yoda, dragons, etc but common… also her cakes are cake…almost 100% edible. Take a look.

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