Pizza Hut introduces hot-dog stuffed crust Pizza in UK

"For the lucky Brits," as Fox News put it, are 14" pizzas with sausage-stuffed crusts. The Pi of this pie makes for 44" of hot dog.


  1. When pizza places began offering cheese-stuffed pizza crust my first thought was not, “What will they think of to put inside a pizza crust next?”

    This time, however, not only was it my first thought, but I’m almost certain the ideas that I came up with will soon be available: fried chicken finger stuffed crust, barbecued pork stuffed crust, and, naturally, Oreo stuffed crust.

    1. You can thank Iowans for the stuffed crust.  I was working at a central Iowa Slut when it was tested in America’s test market.  It didn’t matter how many we made each morning, they would sell out.  It went national, at most, 6 months later.

      1. “Hamburger pizza”, “sausage roll” and “cheesy roll” says the ad. Also, it’s for “this summer”. :-/ Yet I say the pizza isn’t complete; surely there are other things you can use as pizza toppings?

        (Japan is kind of a competitive pizza market. They have to come up with new crazy shit constantly to one-up the competition. See Pizza-La.)

  2. Someone needs to do an autopsy on one of these and find out if it’s really one long continuous hot dog loop. That would be a thing of awesome wonder.

  3. For some reason the flavor of hot dogs and pizza just don’t work together for me…

    Really a Pizza Hut pan with pepperoni and extra cheese is about all I need.  Maybe if they had some fresh garlic, that’d be a nice touch.

    1. Once upon a time in Mexico, and this still might be true with a few unfortunate, clueless pizzerias, when you ordered your pie with sausage, it would be a goddamned sliced hot dog wiener.

      My theory is that these people would “copy” the Pizza Hut or Domino’s menu, without bothering to order and test the items within, and due to a little Spanish blind spot, would assume that “sausage” and “wiener” were one and the same.

    1. The bread was fake and weird and chewy . . .

      Without clicking the link this reads like someone who has never had Pizza Hut before. That’s pretty much what the crust is like . . .

    2. I worked at a Pizza Hut in high school and college so I can say the writer of this article obviously didn’t pay much attention when he did the same.
      The ‘developer’ he talks about spraying on the dough is just canned oil, something you’d put on any dough you that’s going to rise in a container with a lid on it.

      Not that I’m well removed from the equation, I can eat Pizza Hut again and actually find it to be a treat I rarely see here in Chicago with so many other options available.  I like it the same way I like Taco Bell or cheap chinese food; not as a replacement for something more authentic, but as a entirely separate experience.

  4. It’s really hard for me to believe that they introduced this in Britain before the U.S. I mean, I feel like there is a stereotype wandering around confused in the middle of the Atlantic right now.

    Oh, and sweet Jesus that sounds nasty. A hot dog? Why not an actual pizza topping like Italian sausage? Sheesh.

  5. When I was at a Pizza Hut in London this summer, they had an “American pizza” that had on it, I believe, niblets of corn and gravy. Confirm or deny.

     Somewhere else in Europe, I saw an “American” pizza that had two sunny side up eggs on it.

  6. Italian sausage isn’t something you would ever find on a pizza in Italy.

    Well, maybe in an art gallery, next to the cans of shit.

    1. Those things go together, though – breakfast flavors (pancakes, maple syrup, bacon – a tasty breakfast). I’ve had one too. We saw them at the donut shop (a small place with some of the best donuts I’ve ever had, run by a SE Asian family in Huntington Beach) and got it sort of as a joke – like a “we have to try it” kind of thing – and it was really great. Not sure I’d eat one more than once every couple of years though.

      Anyway, the point is, hot dogs don’t really go with pizza IMO.

      1. Yeah, as much as I liked the bacon doughnut, I don’t see a need to eat another  one for a good long time.  I was  disturbed at how much I liked the caramelized bacon.

        I’d like to make a pizza that is nothing but a series of concentric stuffed crusts, starting with a very pizza-like one in the center, i.e. sausage, mushrooms and cheese,  and eventually ending with something very dessert-like stuffed in the crust at the edge, like Nutella or baklava. 

  7. further proof that fast food companies hate their customers. just like taco bell and the doritos shell. fuck’s sake.

    1. I had one of those, it was like a dream. 

      Not a ‘deep fantasy’ dream, but a realistic ‘everything is surreal’ dream; the kind where I’m naked in my 1st grade class, everyone’s teeth fell out, and the flowers in the carpet have my ex’s screaming face in them.

  8. An blog post I read recently pointed out that Pizza Hut’s Twitter feed is almost excusively people complaining about the low quality of their products and service. I inagine the Pizza Hut execs saying, “Hot dog stuffed crust pizza! That will turn things around for us!”

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