Using deadly snakes to sell batteries

This 1949 Winchester Batteries ad was posted to the Vintage Ads LiveJournal group by noluck_boston, depicting a mother-daughter pair whose wise choice of reliable Winchester Batteries have rescued them from the terrible fate of being bitten by a deadly snake in the dark. Now they can be bitten by it in the blinding light of their flashlight. There's also a generous, 1829x1610 scan on Flickr.

Winchester Batteries


  1. I’m going to get all Freudian and say that this represents the triumph of the western industrial phallus over the native phallus.

  2. Pit vipers sense IR radiation from their prey. I imagine the IR signature from that lamp filament would make a nice target.

  3. Snake just looks like it wants to party.

    (You might have to turn up your music and have a drink to get that same effect.)

  4. Maybe I’m just talking out of my arse, but since snakes are cold-blooded, I don’t think they’re much of a risk at night.

    Which kinda makes the ad seem typically tawdry.

  5. They see danger, I see a snake saying, “I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here!” Or I guess technically that would be “I’m slitherin’ here!” 

  6. I’ll tell you, the one time I heard a snake rattle in the dark I sure wished I had a flashlight handy. Just have to walk away slowly and hope you guessed the right direction, not so easy if the buzzworm is under a vehicle or something.

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