Pizza sweatshirt


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  1. seyo says:

    It’s a shoop. I can tell from some of the pepperonis.

  2. Rich Keller says:

    If you order one from Europe, do they embroider and egg onto it?

  3. jaypee says:

    It would be better if every single pepperoni were graced by a spiced, glistening nipple.

  4. Steve Lord says:

    Is that the officially licensed Spaceballs: The Movie Pizza the Hutt costume sweatshirt?

  5. grumble-bum says:

    Yeah, although printing technologies have come a long way it does seem unlikely that all those pepperonis would line up so perfectly.  In any case, this picture simultaneously made me feel VERY HUNGRY & VERY GROSS.

    I remember watching Spaceballs & thinking, “Damn, it would be so awesome to be able to eat yourself when necessary… Wait, no it wouldn’t.”

  6. Glen Able says:

    This might just be a poor quality English cuisine thing, but is proper pepperoni supposed to taste like it’s made out of farts and plastic?

  7. Zod says:

    but the real question is….doe it *SMELL* like a pizza?

  8. cleek says:

    besides being an obvious photoshop job, that thing makes me want to grab a roll of paper towels and start dabbing.

  9. beforewepost says:

    Pizza sweatshirt? 

    Wouldn’t you rather have the whole sweatshirt?

  10. I can’t see any practical benefits to wearing this, other than, perhaps, driving stoners to apoplexy.

  11. It’s probably real. I don’t think pizza mapping capability will be possible until CS6 comes out later this month.

  12. Franklin says:

    I would probably consider a plus sized lady more attractive if she was wearing this

  13. mobuco says:

    i thought the pizza sweatshirt i saw a few weeks back at the link below was the same, but they are different. how are there more than one of these?

  14. yri says:

    Um, ewwwww….

  15. Eric Z Goodnight says:

    This could be printed with a process called sublimation, which is a sort of iron-on four color process print. However, it wouldn’t look *quite* that good, and the fact that the sleeve is lined up with the chest (look at the folded sleeve) means that it’s more or less just photoshopped.

    Doesn’t mean that somebody doesn’t hope to produce it.

  16. Preston Sturges says:

    Needs grease stains….

  17. Shibi_SF says:

    Pizza sweatshirt?!?!  I can’t wait to see the pants-part of this ensemble.

  18. Hanglyman says:

    The sleeve’s pepperonis wouldn’t line up with the front like that if it weren’t shopped, and the inside of it probably wouldn’t be printed at all.

  19. Ah, the sweatshirt for everyone who wants to look as though they’ve been horribly but symmetrically burned.

  20. Troy Nelson says:

    Let me guess the wearer of this sweater was the first one passed out on the floor ?

  21. Teller says:

    Guaranteed to attract the pepperazzi. 

  22. rtresco says:

    Old commentors are old – pizza sweatshirt is where it’s at!

  23. penguinchris says:

    Did nobody click the link? It says:

    A: YES!

    BUT: if you scroll all the way to the bottom, it also says:


    …and has this pizza sweatshirt ‘shoop crossed out. The real one is a t-shirt and the printing looks quite good. I’ve seen things printed like this in person and while it’d be obviously not real pizza, it’d be enough to fool someone from a distance (so far as you can fool someone into believing you’re wearing pizza fashioned as a t-shirt).

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