Horrific bento boxen

A sadly unsourced but utterly brilliant bento box of horror!

Horrifying Bento (via Neatorama)


  1. Face made of pink slime, yum! Just think how much this food was touched by hands to create this ugly mess, same goes for intricately plated food in expensive restaurants. Keep it simple and keep the hands off it as much as possible.

    1. You must not cook much.

      Think of how much hand/food contact occurs when…
      -kneading bread dough
      -peeling carrots or other fruit/veg
      -separating lettuce leaves for washing
      -sealing dough around fillings
      -cutting/slicing anything with a knife (the steadying/feeding hand)
      -cutting up or removing bones from meat
      -making tamales
      etc. etc. etc.

      Hands are the best tools for doing countless things in the kitchen. There is nothing unwholesome about using clean hands to prepare or plate food.

      1.  I use my hands for all the things you listed. I’m talking about some restaurant environments where even the wait staff has to get in on the act arranging food on the plate. Then there are those places that are less than sanitary in the back despite what it looks like in the front.
        I didn’t use the word “unwholesome”. “Unsanitary” is all together different.

        1.  “Just think how much [b]this food[/b] was touched by hands to create this ugly mess”
          Bento art is generally home cooking. Unless you think the food pictured was served in a restaurant, you seemed to take issue with the fact that it had been handled by human hands.

          1.  You didn’t read my reply very well. Yes, I did assume it was a resto concoction. As I said, I have no problem with hands-on, especially from a home cook. I also said I use my hands to do all you outlined and more.
            P.S. I worked as a sous chef in a famous California winery so I know a little something about sanitation in the kitchen.

    1.  Horror-Bento would have no second thoughts about devouring you.
      Eat it quickly.

  2. i think i’d have trouble eating the one on the right. just goes to show how important appearance is with food…

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