Cozy Noodle: Evanston, IL's Happy Mutant haven


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  1. chgoliz says:

    Evanston, vegetarian food, and no mention of Blind Faith Cafe?

    • me3dia says:

       Well, no, because this post isn’t a rundown of every vegetarian restaurant in Evanston. It’s just about Cozy Noodle and their crazy decor.

  2. DrMedicine says:

    There’s also one near Wrigley Field.

  3. Their Tom Kar soup is the best I have had.

  4. microcars says:

    If you are in to decor, try pushing it further and head to Lucky Platter- old Circus sideshow posters, a ceiling meticulously decorated with little aluminum foil balls, very tasteful naive art everywhere, cool trophy mash-ups and those amazing fish made from coffee cans, mailboxes and other bits of scrap metal.  
    Food is good too.

    • Christopher Edman says:

      I love Lucky Platter but, in my opinion, Prairie Joe’s takes the cake as far kitschy art (made by the owner), wacky tchotchkes, and various other ephemeral knick-knacks are concerned.

    • chgoliz says:

      I’ll second Lucky Platter.

  5. Seems like a more orderly version of the Paper Moon Diner, whose food has, sadly, gone downhill the last few years.
    For much, much better food and still enjoy mondo-gonzo decor, go to the Golden West, not too much farther away Say hi to the moose’s head when you’re there.
    If you need a “fame geolocator”, it’s across the street from Cafe Hon (even post-Hells Kitchen-dude makeover it still has lousy food).

  6. noksagt says:

    I strongly second Lucky Platter on Main St in Evanston.  I’m in the bay area now, but my mouth is now watering just thinking of sweet potato fries drenched in hotsauce and a portabello mushroom sandwich and a tamarind margarita or a decent bloody mary.

  7. Diana McNally says:

    Holy crap! I just had lunch from Cozy! It was, per usual, dee-lish! One of these days I’ll get out of the office and go check out the cool restaurant. Thanks for the pics!

  8. Adam Haus says:

    One of my favorite places near the office (the one near Wrigley is about the same; run/owned by the brother of the owner of this one) and a lunch stop every 1-2 weeks. The food more than lives up to the decor. Their bubble teas are also excellent.

  9. neilinchicago says:

    You missed some of their best:  In the second front window there’s a slightly bigger than life size statue of Elvis — and each morning when they open and make offerings to the Buddhas, they give some to Elvis too.

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