Illuminated manuscript cookies

Anniina ("Scholar, Writer, Mother, Dreamer. Editor of Luminarium, an online library for English Literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance") produced these delicious-looking and awfully lovely illuminated initial cookies:

I wanted to share with you some Medieval manuscript cookies I made for my friend and colleague, Risa Bear, creator of Renascence Editions. I chose historiated initials from several manuscripts, printed them on edible paper with edible ink, attached them to square cookies and gave them gold edges. Who says love of literature and art can't fill a belly?!

Medieval Illuminated Initial Cookies (via Making Light)


    1. So essentially what you do is use any printer with edible inks and paper, and then place them on the frosting. The problem is that you don’t want to use printer that’s been used for regular ink printing with this. (Cross-contam, ftf.)

      Most bakeries have a printer for this purpose and can print whatever photos you bring them. If you wanted to specifically use medieval illumination, then I recommend searching the Bodleian Library for images.

  1. These turned out so perfectly. As much reading as I do on this period of art history, I think I absolutely must find a way and a reason to make something like this. I can’t believe just how beautiful it looks though! I do wish the how to was more… how to.

    1. I think you just need to look for a how-to for the edible paper and edible ink – I know this is a thing but I’m not sure how expensive or difficult it is. Then, you just need a good idea and good artwork (and a recipe for suitable cookies) :)

  2. These would be so hard to eat! My Eastern euro parents have these sugar cookies that they put on the tree every year, and they are 40+ years old.  If they got these cookies as gifts, they would preserve them too. 

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