8 Responses to “Caturday”

  1. Adrian says:

    Live webcam hummingbird nest.  One egg hatched today, one more to go.

  2. tyger11 says:

    To a cat, every day is Caturday.

  3. Brian Baresch says:


  4. Culturedropout says:

    Cute cat.  Love the little shits.  :-)  What’s the funky looking thing on the left edge of the picture with what looks like NE2 neon bulbs, resistors, and an old flipper-style digital clock display on it?

    • RJ says:

       That’s the bomb he set up us.

    • techtonix says:

      thanks CD,I found a bunch of really old neon display breadboards  and an old flipper alarmclock.  When the alarm goes off, the neon bulbs flash in a sequential order along with the buzzer and a strobe light inside.  Kind of a functional art piece. 

  5. John Maple says:

    Xeni, I enjoyed the KITTY and hope you are doing well. I was just thinking of you yesterday when eating pancakes.

  6. Rosin Ffield says:

    Haha we take our neighbour’s kitty often in the house, she looks like kitty from photo. She likes us to rub her nose, not only whiskers :P

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