A wonderful photo contributed to the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by Ben Lepley, who explains that this is his cat Yoshimi Minski, "sleeping in the semi-mummy position."


  1. Cute cat.  Love the little shits.  :-)  What’s the funky looking thing on the left edge of the picture with what looks like NE2 neon bulbs, resistors, and an old flipper-style digital clock display on it?

    1. thanks CD,I found a bunch of really old neon display breadboards  and an old flipper alarmclock.  When the alarm goes off, the neon bulbs flash in a sequential order along with the buzzer and a strobe light inside.  Kind of a functional art piece. 

  2. Xeni, I enjoyed the KITTY and hope you are doing well. I was just thinking of you yesterday when eating pancakes.

  3. Haha we take our neighbour’s kitty often in the house, she looks like kitty from photo. She likes us to rub her nose, not only whiskers :P

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