MC Escher's "Relativity" recreated in Star Wars Lego, with many in-jokes and grace-notes


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  1. I have quite a few friends with scientific backgrounds, most of them science teachers in various levels of education. It never ceases to amuse and amaze me when I see the many framed ESCHER PRINTS that litter their offices and even bathroom walls. I think most of my science friends have grown way past the Star Wars obsession phase, but ESCHER remains inscrutably popular – especially the drawing of Escher holding the shiny globe with all the reflections of his surroundings

  2. jimh says:

    Impressive. Most impressive.
    EDIT: Make sure you follow the link- the detail is amazing. Plus, internal lighting and a little movie theater with an ipod touch as the screen!

  3. IsaacR says:

    I was just wondering if anyone in the Boing Boing crew had ever been to this site:

    It’s the most prominent, well respected Lego fan blog.

  4. Robbo says:

    Whoah – that’s amazing – and it made me flash back to working on Labyrinth with that exquisite reproduction of Relativity. Escher’s 2 dimensional illustration is iconic but when you stand immersed in a full sized 3 dimensional replica – pow-zoom!  The only way onto the set was through a narrow opening in one corner and once inside your head just assplodes as you look all around and try not to fall over.

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