Cover for Homeland, the sequel to Little Brother

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I recently turned in the manuscript for Homeland, the sequel to my 2008 YA novel Little Brother. Tor's going to be bringing it out next February, 2013. I've got two more books coming in the meantime: Rapture of the Nerds (with Charlie Stross) and Pirate Cinema (a YA novel). (All three will be CC licensed)

I am absolutely delighted with this cover -- a matched set with the cover for Little Brother!



    1. It would have been good for it become part of the conversation before this fall’s election, considering the likely topics.

      Unfortunately, I guess the subject will still be all too relevant in February.

  1. I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue the series. It was the reason I started reading boingboing and I don’t regret it to this day. As a 17 year-old, I find it has struck closer to home than any other book in the same genre. 

  2. Are there any launch events planned? In/around London?

    EDIT, BLURB SPOILERS, Wild, mad fanboy guessing: Also, calling it that the politicin turns out to be corrupt. Maybe some of mashas files are incriminating to him?
    Maybe some interesting morral questions ther (the world should know, but i think this guy can make a difference? Maybe a sex scandle/similar, so it’s not actually dammaging to the politician.

    Or maybe I’m just jaded by assange of late. Though it does seem to be a Wikileaks kind of story.

    Now I want to go write fic. This may have fic before it’s released. It’s a sign you’ve made it to the big leagues.

  3. That is an AWESOME cover! And now I will read the first of the series. I’ve actually never read any of your books, methinks it’s time to start.

  4. Dang, Cory.  With all your prolific posting on Boing Boing, I was wondering if you had the time to write prose.  I guess this is my answer.  You are making the rest of us look lazy, you know.

  5. To expand on CaptainPedge’s comment (first one above): why is publication lead time so long — not just for this book, but in general?

    1. Warren Ellis once explained on his site that there are basically only 2 seasons for publishing, so new releases come generally in 6 month periods apart from each other.  I don’t know the specific reason for it either, though.

    2. There are lots of reasons — not least the need to do solicitations to bookstores, etc — but in this case, it’s because I had so many other novels in production, and it makes sense to space them out.

  6. Congrats! Little Brother was marvelous, and it was important. I’m excited to see more in this vein.

  7. Are you at all worried that consumers may confuse your book with the Showtime series Homeland? I would think a book with that title would be a literary adaptation of the series.

  8. Definitely need to take Feb. 5 and 6 off from work — Cory, your books are the only ones I’m sure to read the day they come out, and (despite having read it 4-5 times) I can’t put down Little Brother any time I pick it up.

  9. Does the CC License cover the cover art or is it just the text? Where is the licensing information at?

  10. Cory, really liked Little Brother, my daughter liked it at 12, then reread it as a HS freshman and loved the skype session w/ you last fall (she goes to HS in Littleton, CO

  11. As a professional sign painter (and fan) I feel compelled to advise Tor to Lose The Cover Font. It’s pointlessly “busy”.

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