Cover for Homeland, the sequel to Little Brother


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  1. CaptainPedge says:


    • Jim Saul says:

      It would have been good for it become part of the conversation before this fall’s election, considering the likely topics.

      Unfortunately, I guess the subject will still be all too relevant in February.

  2. Lucas Jarche says:

    I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue the series. It was the reason I started reading boingboing and I don’t regret it to this day. As a 17 year-old, I find it has struck closer to home than any other book in the same genre. 

  3. Are there any launch events planned? In/around London?

    EDIT, BLURB SPOILERS, Wild, mad fanboy guessing: Also, calling it that the politicin turns out to be corrupt. Maybe some of mashas files are incriminating to him?
    Maybe some interesting morral questions ther (the world should know, but i think this guy can make a difference? Maybe a sex scandle/similar, so it’s not actually dammaging to the politician.

    Or maybe I’m just jaded by assange of late. Though it does seem to be a Wikileaks kind of story.

    Now I want to go write fic. This may have fic before it’s released. It’s a sign you’ve made it to the big leagues.

  4. Nicky G says:

    That is an AWESOME cover! And now I will read the first of the series. I’ve actually never read any of your books, methinks it’s time to start.

  5. jeligula says:

    Dang, Cory.  With all your prolific posting on Boing Boing, I was wondering if you had the time to write prose.  I guess this is my answer.  You are making the rest of us look lazy, you know.

  6. brec says:

    To expand on CaptainPedge’s comment (first one above): why is publication lead time so long — not just for this book, but in general?

    • septimar says:

      Warren Ellis once explained on his site that there are basically only 2 seasons for publishing, so new releases come generally in 6 month periods apart from each other.  I don’t know the specific reason for it either, though.

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      There are lots of reasons — not least the need to do solicitations to bookstores, etc — but in this case, it’s because I had so many other novels in production, and it makes sense to space them out.

  7. John Vance says:

    Congrats! Little Brother was marvelous, and it was important. I’m excited to see more in this vein.

  8. Little Brother is one of my favorite novels. I recommend it to people all the time. This (a sequel) makes me so happy. February is a long time away though.

  9. Shibi_SF says:



  10. Are you at all worried that consumers may confuse your book with the Showtime series Homeland? I would think a book with that title would be a literary adaptation of the series.

  11. Definitely need to take Feb. 5 and 6 off from work — Cory, your books are the only ones I’m sure to read the day they come out, and (despite having read it 4-5 times) I can’t put down Little Brother any time I pick it up.

  12. desult says:

    Does the CC License cover the cover art or is it just the text? Where is the licensing information at?

  13. despralynn says:

    I am so excited for this I can barely think straight! Hooray!

  14. Joe Huey says:

    Cory, really liked Little Brother, my daughter liked it at 12, then reread it as a HS freshman and loved the skype session w/ you last fall (she goes to HS in Littleton, CO

  15. pKp says:

    Awesome ! Can’t wait.

  16. buddy66 says:

    As a professional sign painter (and fan) I feel compelled to advise Tor to Lose The Cover Font. It’s pointlessly “busy”.

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