Zelda the kitten plays with the iPad

We got a couple of kittens a few weeks ago. Louis doesn't pay much attention to Game for Cats, but Zelda (above) loves it.


  1. The most exciting cat mobile trend is full Qwerty keyboards. I’m sorry, it really is. I’m not making this up.

  2. My cat loves to chase glowing lights (and an amatuer UFOlogist) and would probably freak out over this game.  However, she is also a highly skilled yard assassin and a stone cold killer of all things cute and defenseless.  I’m a little uneasy at the prospect of her shredding the living crap out of my screen. There is a disclaimer on the “Games for Cats” website, so it makes me think it’s probably a bad idea to turn my expensive glow toy over to her to mangle. Please talk me out of doing this…must. resist. urge. to. see. cat. being. cute. Help!

    1. It’s actually impossible for a cat to “shred” or even just scratch a glass screen because glass – even besides the extra-special glass used in device screens – is harder than most common things (even many rocks). Check out the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

      From what I can determine from a quick search, nothing fingernail or claw-like can exceed approximately a 3 on that scale. The standard hardness for glass is considered 5.5, and “Gorilla glass” and other high-tech glasses used in iPads and the like are about a 7, if not harder. Not impossible to scratch – quartz sand grains (also about a 7) may be able to – but very difficult. From what I can tell it sounds like the glass in the iPad screen should even be able to stand a cat jumping from height right onto it.

        1. Interesting… but I can still guarantee that a cat can’t scratch whatever glass they use :)

  3. KID: Do you think that they actually have cats play this, or… usually not?
    MOM: Yeah, it’s for cats.
    KID: Do you think it actually is, or it’s just a joke?
    DAD: No, it really is for cats.
    KID: Wow.

    I feel like I could teach a whole scriptwriting class around this beautifully naturalistic dialogue. Of course, they actually are speaking extemporaneously, which is cheating.

  4. My daughter was playing this game with our cat and the cat played along. Then a couple of days later, the cat turned on the Playstation 3…if I get a credit card bill for her WoW account she’s in trouble.

  5. …and the video is cut off as Zelda gains access to the rest of the system.

    Even kittehs want root.

  6. A friend is staying with me with her dog. I now realize even more why cats are so much more awesome than dogs, and this vid has further clinched it. 

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