From A to B and Through to Z: Brilliant, grotesque illustrated alphabet

Philip Harris's beautiful illustrated alphabet, From A to B and through to Z is a grotesque wonder of animals acting out different trades, and each drawing is more fabulous than the last. Mr Harris has graciously provided us with five of these, at a high enough resolution that you can really see the awesomeness:

Philip Harris Comic "From A to B and through to Z"

D is for Dock

M is for Market

P is for Performance

U is for Underground

W is for Worship


  1. Cthulhu’s parents are going to be heartbroken when they learn that he has forsaken obscure eldritch blasphemies unknowable by men and joined the Eastern Orthodox. Hopefully it’s just a rebellious phase…

  2. Wow, those are glorious.  Thank you so much.  (I think.  I’m glad I saw these in the morning, so they probably won’t haunt my dreams.)

  3. The difference between “anthropomorphic art” and “furry art” is aptly demonstrated here. What a wonderful collection!

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