Call Me (Cookie Monster) Maybe (video)


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  1. malindrome says:

    This reminds me of the best Occupy Sesame Street tweet: Why are 99% of the cookies consumed by 1% of the monsters?

  2. This brought me so much joy, I decided to make my first comment on any blog ever.

  3. Slowermo says:

    As a parent of a kid who just reached Sesame Street age I’ve been watching for the first time in 25 years. While I think Grover was my favorite as a kid, Cookie Monster is clearly the thinking/older person’s Muppet.

  4. So Awesome. I am sitting in a Starbucks crying I am laughing so hard, not embarrassed at all.

  5. penguinchris says:

    Man, how do all those thin people eat cookies and stay so thin?! 

    I did notice the plate of fruit in the meeting and that the cookies seemed untouched. I guess they were just tormenting Cookie Monster by carrying around a bowl of cookies, just out of his reach, and not even eating any.

  6. when did the cookie monster get 2 hands?

  7. dioptase says:

    Please, will someone single use “You got cookie, baby!” as a pick up line?  

  8. It no “If Moon Were Cookie”, but me can get behind it. 

  9. spejic says:

    I’ve never actually heard the original. I guess when you get to be a certain age, you don’t get exposed to pop music unless it is being sung on Glee.

  10. JimEJim says:

    For those that haven’t seen it, this also parodies a cover of the song when the singer was on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

    I still don’t really like the song much, but seeing the Roots do it like this made it a bit more tolerable.

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