Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken haiku, by impressionist Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen is a talented impressionist, as the videos in his YouTube channel attest. In this clip, he offers his version of Christopher Walken, reciting poetry in the ancient Haiku style of Japan; three lines of five syllables, then seven, then five again. Below, his Morgan Freeman haiku.


  1. pedantry: haiku isn’t just syllables; there are more rules, or at least themes, that go with it.

    the correct form for pithy or vulgar observations is the limerick, but i guess rhyming is too hard.

    1.  What retch said! Also, in English, haiku may break the 5-7-5 “rule”, since it’s possible to say more with less.

    2.  If you watch the second video he points out that there’s more to it but he’s just keeping to the syllables per line rule.

  2. This fellow may be a better writer than he is an impressionist. And his impressions are pretty damn good.

  3. Making impersonations of … people. 
    Even of.
    Christopher Walken. 
    It’s like, you know, something that just doesn’t happen… for everyone, you know.
    Just cause a lot of … 
    and inappropriate emphasizing is happpening , 
    it does not make…  
    any more real.

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