Automated baked-goods identification computer vision system

A Japanese point-of-sale system has the native cunning to recognize baked goods of its own accord, a surprisingly tricky computer vision problem:

Brain Corporation has developed a system that can individually identify all kinds of baked goods on a tray, in just one second. A trial has started at a Tokyo bakery store.

This technology was co-developed with the University of Hyogo. This is the world's first trial of such a system in actual work at a cash register.

Bakery goods POS visual recognition system on trial in Tokyo bakery (via DVICE)


  1. Baked employees worldwide can relax as their baked goods sales slip ups are corrected by the miracles of rainbows and technology. 

  2. But can it tell the difference between an english muffin and a crumpet?  Do that, and I’ll be impressed.

  3. Do this with produce – I F___ING HATE those little stickers, especially when the underlying skin comes off with them.

  4. Finally the help that our overworked, underpaid TSA agents have been waiting for. No more foreign brioches or tarts slipping through the net undetected. I feel much safer already.

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