China: 770 pounds of eggs spilled from truck cause mad scramble (video)


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  1. voiceinthedistance says:

    They were only separated with the help of thousands of empty plastic water bottles.

  2. NoahScalin says:


  3. retepslluerb says:

    Hmm.. 6000 eggs would be 600 cases of eggs. A case of 10 eggs (free range) costs about € 2,4 over here, so it would be a substantial sum. 

    • Jonathan Roberts says:

      I’m guessing not free range ;-) They sell eggs by weight where I live, it works out about 8-10 US cents per egg. That’s about 3000 RMB altogether, which would probably be significantly more than the driver earns in a month.

      • retepslluerb says:

        Oh sure, factory eggs would have been cheaper over here too (though forbidden since 2009), in bulk even more so. 

        Just wanted to point out that 6,000 eggs can be a substantial sum even in “first world” countries.


    Those look like really big eggs.  From ducks, maybe?

  5. Jason Baker says:

    If this were a legitimate egg wagon, the eggs wouldn’t have dropped. I think the guy just didn’t like the traffic on the street and wanted to shut the whole thing down.

  6. morkl says:

    The guy in the end: making an epic pancake?

  7. bo1n6bo1n6 says:

    Did the cops add flour? 

  8. Matthew says:

    You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few… ok I think he’s taking it a bit far.

  9. snagglepuss says:


  10. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Eggactly! *Homer trying to impersonate Monty Burns*


  11. Gimlet_eye says:

    Because many seem to have broken and not bounced, they were real eggs, and not the fake ones they make from chemicals. More.

  12. Ron Zajac says:

    No need to get approximate about the jin. A “gong jin” (“public” or metric jin) is exactly 0.6kg, or 600g. I’m pretty sure that the Chinese speaking world hasn’t used the old (pre-metric)  “jin”, really, since Chinese officialdom realized that the metric system was the bees’ knees, way back when.

    Some time ago, I came over all curious about the size of the old Chinese jin. If the original Chinese jin had approximately been about 500g, officials would have rounded their metric jin accordingly. Therefore I’m pretty sure that, even if the “jin” cited in this article is the old, pre-metric jin, it would still be significantly closer to 600g (0.6kg).Anyway, as the actual jin  is 20% bigger than your “approximation”, this only serves to make the numbers more impressive.

    Dem’s lotsa eggs!

  13. datamaskin says:

    i like that womans comment… “eggs broken -mad scramble” :)

  14. Ivan says:

    In comparison to the west, the chinese don’t eat that many eggs. If the chinese used eggs in food to the same extent as in the west, each year it would take the entire grain production of Canada to feed the hens to produce the eggs. Apparently. 

  15. I swear Harry Chapin had a song about this, something like “600 pounds of mashed eggs”

  16. The same thing happened in Zweibruecken Germany when I was a kid and my dad was posted there. We ate practically nothing but eggs for a solid fortnight.

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