HOWTO make a sandwich caddy out of a milk jug

On Make, Gareth Branwyn reposts an unsourced set of wordless directions for making a lovely sandwich caddy out of a milk jug: "This pantomimed project obviously shows how to make a neat little sandwich caddy by simply cutting, scoring, and folding a gallon plastic milk jug. A Velcro dot is used as the fastener."

Sandwich Caddy from a Milk Jug


    1. A friend of mine used one to photograph watches he worked on.  Just cut the bottom off the jug, place it over the watch, shine a couple of bright lights at the outside, and position the camera so it looks down through the open neck.

  1. i made one of these awhile back – they are great, but the glue on the velcro tab makes it hard to wash. i’m currently experimenting with punching holes and using a twist-tie to hold it closed.

      1. I was just thinking that. If you cut a little slot in the bottom section and a semi-circle in the top you could just hook it though. Or the bigger and smaller semicircle flap so that it hooks through and then locks. Can’t describe it but you get it on plastic folders sometimes!!

  2. While I’m very pro re-purposing there are times when it’s best just to put the milk jug in the recycling bin and buy a more suitable product. Namely one that will not let the bread dry out.

  3. Hate to be the science nerd in the room, but plastic is actually quite porous on a microscopic level. The nooks and crannies do an excellent job of holding onto bits of whatever was in contact with it, which means this repurposing of a milk container is providing a growing medium for whatever bacteria it accumulates. This is why it’s generally a bad idea to re-use plastic bags, even if you’ve rinsed them out.

  4. You know that thing you handle everyday? Be very careful, if you so much as look the other way it will rip your throat out.

    -the most interesting person in the room.

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