HOWTO make a sandwich caddy out of a milk jug


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  1. awjt says:

    What do I do with all the milk?

  2. Jim Saul says:

    I’ve got photography on the brain for the moment, but that also looks like a decent soft-box material for a flash or a video light.

    • Culturedropout says:

      A friend of mine used one to photograph watches he worked on.  Just cut the bottom off the jug, place it over the watch, shine a couple of bright lights at the outside, and position the camera so it looks down through the open neck.

  3. franko says:

    i made one of these awhile back – they are great, but the glue on the velcro tab makes it hard to wash. i’m currently experimenting with punching holes and using a twist-tie to hold it closed.

  4. retrojoe says:

    While I’m very pro re-purposing there are times when it’s best just to put the milk jug in the recycling bin and buy a more suitable product. Namely one that will not let the bread dry out.

  5. Nadreck says:

    Spindles for blank CDs make excellent bagel caddies too!

  6. jonnyoro says:

    Hate to be the science nerd in the room, but plastic is actually quite porous on a microscopic level. The nooks and crannies do an excellent job of holding onto bits of whatever was in contact with it, which means this repurposing of a milk container is providing a growing medium for whatever bacteria it accumulates. This is why it’s generally a bad idea to re-use plastic bags, even if you’ve rinsed them out.

  7. timquinn says:

    You know that thing you handle everyday? Be very careful, if you so much as look the other way it will rip your throat out.

    -the most interesting person in the room.

  8. chgoliz says:

    You can only use this for sandwiches made with artisan mayo.

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