Prank signs for the London Underground

An anonymous -- but inspired -- prankster has affixed some helpful addenda to the usual London Underground official signage on various tube-trains, as are documented in this Imgur photoset.

London Underground prank stickers


      1. It turned up 404 when I chased my comment on it before.
        Maybe I had done to good a job being concern troll.

  1. In a world where people listen to the GPS and turn into rivers, posting signs could lead to people doing stupid things…
    /concern troll

    Now the ultimate sticker for these would have a small camera attached so you could see when people notice it…

  2. Aww you deleted the SEO spammer before I could be all rude and stuff….
    Never let me have ANY fun…  *cry*

    1. If you respond to them, you anchor the meta-portion of the comment even if it’s deleted, which usually means leaving a link to an attack site.

  3. These are fantastic! But couldn’t the camera-person stand, oh I don’t know, in front of the stickers?

  4. I’m going to be very pedantic and point out that the top photograph is not from the London Underground, but a suburban train (or possibly the Gatwick [Airport] Express).

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