Binders Full of Women, the tumblr

Link: (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)


    1. I’m surprised the mainstream media outlets haven’t made the connection with that episode of Big Love on HBO yet… if The Daily Show doesn’t do it, I don’t know who will…

      1. the mormon thing seems to be relatively off-limits. i expect at least some dogwhistles in the coming weeks depending on how the polls are going.

    1. There’s like, tons of kids in their moms’ basements waiting for their cue to make image macros ‘n’ put them on 4chan.

    1. That wasn’t a gaffe.  That was a narrative contortion made in order to avoid saying, straight-out, “Yeah, I’m going to do fuck-all about that.”

  1. got one of the fastest DNS updates in history.  It’s worth a visit, even if just to admire their web prowess. Sweet job with the javascript.

  2. As usual, Ms. Tara McG comes through with internets awesome. Thank you. My wife laughed hysterically at the Lloyd with Binders.

  3. This whole thing is incredible:
    1) Mitt’s claim that he requested a study to identify qualified woman candidates is a lie. The study was someone else’s idea, and was waiting on his desk when he arrived. By the time Mitt left office, there were actually fewer women executives than before he started (28%, versus 30%).

    2) Mitt’s claim that he sought out qualified woman candidates rather than picking from a pool of qualified male candidates describes a strategy that has a name: Affirmative Action. I am sure Mitt would reject such a label, and would denounce Affirmative Action – except when he does it himself, for political reasons.

    3) Mitt’s business career was in the famously testosterone-poisoned world of aggressive financial maneuvers. Want to bet about whether he made a special effort to seek out qualified female job candidates to fill the top level of Bain?

    4) Mitt’s whole answer was about how he would help convince The Boss Man to hire more ladies, and to help more ladies get back home in time to do housework. Minutes later, Mitt lied when he denied that his policies would give employers the right to control their workers’ contraception coverage.

    5) The Tumblr you link started before the debate was over – heck, it had a half-dozen pictures posted when I was told of it, well before the end of the debate. Some of them are brilliant; I particularly like “If you liked it then you shoulda put three rings on it (Binder full of Single Ladies)”, and at least the idea behind “Lord Of Three Rings”.

    1. Also, absolutely nothing in his response even began to address the issue of income equality, because he’s clearly not for it.  Hell, it wasn’t even about convincing anyone to hire more women – his personal narrative was there to obscure the fact that even that wasn’t something he’d do.

    1. Really it’s all in the delivery.

      Charismatic and easy going presidents are usually very popular, ie Bill Clinton.  While I didn’t vote for him, I can say he did seem like a pretty down to earth, laid back kind of guy.

  4. When I visited Thailand, I got Binders Full of Women at some of the bars and clubs there. I don’t think they were meant to select women for executive positions, though. 

  5. I didn’t expel any bodily fluids but I did hysterically ROTFLMAO at the tumbler site. O goddess, may this meme spread fast and furiously…

  6. I said this to a friend yesterday: “Dang, people thought this guy [Romney] was crazy earlier this year, and now I’m supposed to believe that half the country loves him?  And he might win?  What?”  

    My friend replied, “No, they just hate Obama more.”  

    And I was like, “Why?  Obama is a good guy.  There’s nothing to hate about him.”   

    My friend said, “Man, you are sheltered.  Obama is BLACK.”  

  7. Wish I was more creative.. I’d make a picture of Tiffany Aching with a binder full of “wee men”

  8. Using a binder, along with appropriate ID, and a properly fitting suit, can be one way to break through the glass ceiling, but I don’t think that was what he was referring to.

  9. Sure Republicans are stupid, no news there. But is this the best the Democrats can do each week, pick some word (Big Bird) or phrase and harp on it to cover up there own intellectual bankruptcy? Or hatefully accuse the other side of being haters?

  10. Romney’s five-point plan:

    1) Mention “binders full of women” at the debate.

    2) Wait for Twitter and Tumblr to turn it into a meme.

    3) Watch as “binder full of women” becomes the hottest low-cost costume this Hallowe’en season.

    4) Sit back as Staples’s profits skyrocket from sales of binders.

    5) Yell “I built that!” and run away with the election.

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