Cory in Toronto today, Boston tomorrow

Hey, Toronto! It's my last night in town -- I'll be at Harbourfront's International Festival of Authors doing a double-act with China Mieville (there's still some tickets available). Tomorrow I'm off to the Boston Book Festival for the very last stop of the Pirate Cinema tour -- come on out and watch me attempt to stand upright (it's at 415PM, and it's free, but you need tickets). Here's the details.


  1. I got to the second “buy this book” chapter(?) in Pirate Cinema before I decided to buy it, only to find there is no kindle edition in the UK! (Canada and US only I guess)

    Christ the publishing industry needs a size 10 dr. martens to the nads, when they are not forming cartels and price fixing, they find ways not to take my money.

  2. Corey – I find no mention of you at the Boston website for the Book Festival. Can you post more info?

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