Modern political ads are bo-RING


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  1. Jardine says:

    I’m from rural Ontario and I have no idea what the hell that poster is talking about.

    Looking on Wikipedia, it seems to be something during World War I about banning teaching in French in Ontario. I guess the slackers mentioned would be francophones in Ontario who wanted to learn in French rather than English.

  2. Paul Renault says:

    I guess that first image’s layout was set with Ventura Publishing ver1.0.  It DID have that weird hyphenation module…

  3. Matt Guest says:

    I work in Lancaster, PA, and the prison here actually does look like a castle..
    Struck me as pretty odd the first time I saw it, especially since it’s right in the city.

  4. These are great. I was more likely to vote for the candidates in the old ads, than the new.  I found this ad flyer from 1973 and it even came with a nice gift! They don’t do that anymore… shame.
    Take a look:

  5. Øyvind says:

    Slackers, the bottom of society then and now. Poor slackers.

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