Don't Squish the Sasquatch!


4 Responses to “Don't Squish the Sasquatch!”

  1. inkfumes says:

    And he still uses Photoshop 3.0 if I remember correctly.

  2. RadioSilence says:

    My almost-three-year-old nephew is obsessed with Bob Staake’s Look A Book that I bought him last christmas; he knows every word by heart and knows where all the things to find are.
    Guess what I’ll be getting him this year :)

  3. Zack Rubenstein says:

    I just don’t love that the Bugs Galore books describes bugs as scary and in other negative ways. How is that a good thing?

  4. Jake0748 says:

    Staake is a genius, a national treasure and a really, really funny guy. 

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