Announcing the 20-city US tour for HOMELAND, the sequel to Little Brother

As I mentioned yesterday, the sequel to Little Brother is coming out in February. Called Homeland, it picks up the action shortly after Little Brother ends, and features the continuing and exciting adventures of the characters from the first book. Tor, my publisher, have posted the first cut at the 20-city US tour schedule (the Canadian dates are still TBD, as is a likely stop in Lawrence, KS). I'll be on the road for most of February, and I'm visiting a lot of cities in the south and southwest where I've never appeared, so I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces!

Here's a short list of the cities I'll be visiting: Seattle, Portland OR (Beaverton), San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Tempe, Albuquerque, New York, Cincinnati (Crestview Hills KY), Miami (Coral Gables), Chapel Hill, Decatur, Oxford MS, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Nashua NH, Portsmouth NH, Concord NH, Washington DC, and Cambridge MA. Like I say, those are the confirmed stops, but there are more to come, and Tor will be keeping the master list at the link below.

Mark your calendars and spread the word!

Homeland Tour


  1. Wish you were heading my way, but then north-east Tennessee is never on anyone’s destination list! Except Elton John’s, of course.

    1. Neither is middle Tennessee.

      Well unless you’re Country or something.

      Edit: Memphis. Still far out from me personally but eh. Nice to see some love for the general area.

  2. Would the happy mutants ever consider providing Amazon UK referral links for stuff they mention? Perhaps there’s some plugin you can get that behaves a bit like the social media “like”-style bar things, and gives you a battery of different regional Amazons to click on.

  3. I now feel less annoyed and more stupid for going to the main Barnes & Noble store in NYC today expecting to pick up this book for my son who loved Little Brother.  They had only two Doctrow books in stock.  I bought the Maker one.

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