Santa's privacy policy


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  1. Chuck says:

    Ah.  But now that there are two competing Santa Trackers (one by Bing/NORAD and another by Google) you could start seeing the two entities begin altering their respective privacy policies in order to make it seem like they each have the better Santa Claus heading up their operations, at least in the eyes of the customers (otherwise known as “gift recipients”).

    In the future, nearly everyone who goes online will get a present for Christmas.  The Santa Claus you get that gift from will depend on who you share your data with.  Maybe you’ll even get a gift from both Santas, if you play your cards right.  (Just don’t be caught being naughty.)

    And don’t worry.  Santa will know EXACTLY what you want.

  2. pjcamp says:

    That’s way too short for a legit privacy policy.

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