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11 Responses to “Gorgeous, psychedelic hand-drawn animation made with ink, white-out and coffee”

  1. robcat2075 says:

    I’ve seen some eastern European animation done with a similar technique of repeatedly modifying the same surface but they were not so mercifully brief or fast-paced.

  2. igzabier says:

    !(◎_◎;) eek! wha? psychedelicacy

  3. KWillets says:

    Did he drink the white-out with the coffee? 

    I had an idea for a combination correction fluid and coffee creamer once, but I decided humans are just not good enough for my genius.

  4. noah django says:

       The Deep End:  through the eyes of Syd Barrett

  5. chdorr says:

    Sweet jiminy christmas! that is incredible. Spot on.

  6. millie fink says:

    Coffee is a powerful drug.

  7. Alex Lion says:

    I’d like to see a copy that was jitter corrected, though I get that jittery coffee images make a sick sense.

    • Douglas Rushkoff says:

      Yeah, wouldn’t that be a fairly straightforward process? And really quick, especially compared to the time investment in making the original art. 

  8. Michael Polo says:

    Thanks for this! I also liked the sound (music?) accompanying the video. Anyone know where it came from?