Labradoodle confused for lion


This Labradoodle named Charles lives in Norfolk, Virginia where he's frequently mistaken for a lion on the loose. Apparently, 911 dispatchers received three separate 911 calls this week reporting the "lion."

“I just saw an animal that looked like a small lion.” It had “the mange and everything,” a man said. He had seen it on Delaware Avenue near Llewellyn Avenue.

“I don’t know if it got away from the zoo, or what,” he said

"Norfolk 911 calls for 'baby lion' turn up a coiffed dog" (Virginian-Pilot)


      1.  If you walked the area around the zoo you would understand. It’s all pretty low-income housing and the folks are the brightest and best Norfolk has to offer.

        1.  and by that I mean the opposite. they are not at all the brightest and best Norfolk has to offer.

  1. I could see that happening from a distance. Clearly the owner is choosing to cut/shave the dog in such a way to create the illusion with that tail and mane. I hope the poor thing doesn’t get tranq’ed or worse, shot, by a cop one day… maybe it’s time for a new ‘do.

  2. Maybe if the owner obeyed local leash laws, people wouldn’t think it was “on the loose” and would realize it’s a pet.

  3. Well, it certainly looks like a medieval heraldic lion, as drawn by artists who had only ever seen local European wildlife and livestock…

      1. Every single poodle I’ve ever met has been been aggresive and hyperactive. Either there is something wrong with the breed, or something wrong with the owners, I can’t say which.

        1. Poodles are ranked within the top 5 most intelligent of dog breeds. Maybe the poodles you’ve met were bored and needed a job. Smarter breeds need to be challenged.

    1. Hypoallergenicity. And labradoodles tend to be a little less excitable than labs on average.

      Personally, I like them. Just not the haircuts their owners give them.

  4. According to the article I saw the dog’s styling is meant to resemble a lion because that is the mascot of the university the girl who owns him attends. Her dad thought it was a cool idea.

  5. Can we declare this “Labra. . . ” word done? Its only been around a little while and it already has the feeling of something I am totally sick of. It is a short use meme. wears out quickly because it is both ugly and ugly.

    1.  It’s just descriptive of something descended from a Labrador Retriever, as far as I can tell. Stop being so sensitive.

      1. It’s an ugly word. 

        Get in line, though, if you want to tell me to stop being sensitive. Take a number.

        I’m trying to pre-shark-jump the word, ’cause I hate it.

          1. “Labradoodle” is the name of the breed – what ya gonna do? (And, really, how beautiful is “timquinn”?)

        1. You suffer from a failure of imagination.  We could cross a Labrador with a Whippet and call it a Labrat.

    2. The more euphonious term poodledor exists. I do not know whether it is interchangeable with labradoodle or describes the opposite male/female mix like liger and tiglon.
      Then again pulchritude is an ugly word.

  6. Our Chow was banned from the uni’s rural campus because too many city-raised students mistook him for a black bear. (So we started bringing the horse; she got banned too, but only because she was…a horse!)

    1.  We passed a black bear in the west-bound lanes[1] on the parkway downtown and initially mistook it for some kind of big dog… until we passed it and I got a good look at its head from 2 feet away. But most of that was pure denial (“No way there’s a bear this far into the city!” – “I don’t think dogs legs bend like that…” )

      [1] Both we, and the bear, were in the west bound lanes – it in the slow lane, us in the fast lane. I’ve given up trying to compose that sentence clearly.

      1. I can just see the cop pulling that one over: “License and registration, ple… Holy crap, it’s a bear!  Get in the car!!11!!”

  7. I just can’t figure out how you could realistically confuse this dog for a lion so badly. There are just so many simple, obvious tells to reinforce the common sense thought of “no, that can’t REALLY be a lion, this isn’t the Savanna for crying out loud.”

    Lions and big cats have very specific movements and behaviors that are not at all like those of a dog. Lions don’t wag their tails, or walk with them raised. Lions are HUMONGOUS, especially males old enough to have manes. Lions are heavy and purposeful, not spry and nimble. I just… ugh.

    1. Only a few days ago I was watching film of a juvenile leopard, which had just been abandoned by its mother to fend for itself, trying to stalk a wathog with its tail stuck up in the air high above any cover provided by the surrounding grass. Maybe it was just young and inexperienced.

  8. You can actually get a “lion cut” for a poodle and we were walking ours in the park one day and a toddle walked by and said “it’s a baby lion!”

    But it was nothing as impressive as that labra thing up there.

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