Labradoodle confused for lion


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  1. TheKaz1969 says:

    This man knows that REAL baby lions don’t look like stuffed toys, right?

  2. dmc10 says:

    I could see that happening from a distance. Clearly the owner is choosing to cut/shave the dog in such a way to create the illusion with that tail and mane. I hope the poor thing doesn’t get tranq’ed or worse, shot, by a cop one day… maybe it’s time for a new ‘do.

  3. “mange”? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  4. glatt1 says:

    Maybe if the owner obeyed local leash laws, people wouldn’t think it was “on the loose” and would realize it’s a pet.

  5. dragonfrog says:

    Well, it certainly looks like a medieval heraldic lion, as drawn by artists who had only ever seen local European wildlife and livestock…

  6. Lurking_Grue says:

    It’s a lion poodle! Get in the car!

  7. I will never understand why people insist on ruining perfectly good breeds of dogs like the Labrador by mating them with the poodle…

  8. Jim_Satterfield says:

    According to the article I saw the dog’s styling is meant to resemble a lion because that is the mascot of the university the girl who owns him attends. Her dad thought it was a cool idea.

  9. Edward says:

    That is hilarious

  10. Tavie says:

    That guy looks nothing like a lion. At all. Does he also think everyone with the same haircut looks the same?

  11. timquinn says:

    Can we declare this “Labra. . . ” word done? Its only been around a little while and it already has the feeling of something I am totally sick of. It is a short use meme. wears out quickly because it is both ugly and ugly.

    • TheKaz1969 says:

      Sounds like it is about time for a Labra-gate scandal…

    • Nagurski says:

       It’s just descriptive of something descended from a Labrador Retriever, as far as I can tell. Stop being so sensitive.

    • Wreckrob8 says:

      The more euphonious term poodledor exists. I do not know whether it is interchangeable with labradoodle or describes the opposite male/female mix like liger and tiglon.
      Then again pulchritude is an ugly word.

  12. s2redux says:

    Our Chow was banned from the uni’s rural campus because too many city-raised students mistook him for a black bear. (So we started bringing the horse; she got banned too, but only because she was…a horse!)

    • Jerril says:

       We passed a black bear in the west-bound lanes[1] on the parkway downtown and initially mistook it for some kind of big dog… until we passed it and I got a good look at its head from 2 feet away. But most of that was pure denial (“No way there’s a bear this far into the city!” – “I don’t think dogs legs bend like that…” )

      [1] Both we, and the bear, were in the west bound lanes – it in the slow lane, us in the fast lane. I’ve given up trying to compose that sentence clearly.

      • TheMadLibrarian says:

        I can just see the cop pulling that one over: “License and registration, ple… Holy crap, it’s a bear!  Get in the car!!11!!”

  13. esquire says:

    No shit – my aunt and uncle’s dog’s boyfriend-dog is Majestic Charles.  How bout them apples?

  14. eldritch says:

    I just can’t figure out how you could realistically confuse this dog for a lion so badly. There are just so many simple, obvious tells to reinforce the common sense thought of “no, that can’t REALLY be a lion, this isn’t the Savanna for crying out loud.”

    Lions and big cats have very specific movements and behaviors that are not at all like those of a dog. Lions don’t wag their tails, or walk with them raised. Lions are HUMONGOUS, especially males old enough to have manes. Lions are heavy and purposeful, not spry and nimble. I just… ugh.

    • BillStewart2012 says:

      Close up dog? Far away lion?  Get some perspective!

    • ocker3 says:

       callers haven’t been watching enough of the right tv  shows

    • Wreckrob8 says:

      Only a few days ago I was watching film of a juvenile leopard, which had just been abandoned by its mother to fend for itself, trying to stalk a wathog with its tail stuck up in the air high above any cover provided by the surrounding grass. Maybe it was just young and inexperienced.

  15. Nagurski says:

    This town is ripe for a ‘Boy Who Called Wolf’ type of lion rampage. 

  16. robcat2075 says:

    You can actually get a “lion cut” for a poodle and we were walking ours in the park one day and a toddle walked by and said “it’s a baby lion!”

    But it was nothing as impressive as that labra thing up there.

  17. Marcus Leon Guerrero says:

    Getting confused for a lion is probably what made Snoop Dogg change his name

  18. gellfex says:

    what do you get when you cross it with a dog painted like a tiger?

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