One rescue puppy teaching another rescue puppy how to walk down stairs

Tim Doucette: "Our 6 month old lab mix rescue pup taught our 8 week old foster pup from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg to go down the stairs once she got up and couldn't get down!"

(via David Daniel)

* Yes, it's so cute I forgive the shooter for holding their smartphone vertically while shooting video.


  1. you should get mad at youtube for not accommodating a new and unavoidable format. Video can now be any size or ratio you want. 

        1. I’ll apologize for thread jacking. It is a bad habit.

          Thing is, Xeni, you have an outlet to hundreds or thousands of people and some of them quite influential. This is a pet peeve of mine, those big black un-necessary bars at each end of the video. I’ve seen a few people complain recently about the vertical format, which is elegant and appropriate in some case (like this one.) It is handled badly by youtube. Maybe if I take this chance to say something a dialog will start that could lead to a change. It might take a good coder twenty minutes to fix it. Realistically, it isn’t a hard problem to fix. Why haven’t they done it?

          1.  How would they Fix it? In this case, the vertical perspective makes sense, are you suggesting a new layout option in YT? I don’t think the bars are that ugly, perhaps my brain just edits them out

          2. As soon as I saw that it was vertical, my first thought is, “Get the telescope.” How can it not be bad to discard two thirds of your viewing area?

          3. if there is any aesthetic sense to it why is the whole thing surrounded by white but the two bars black? It is just stupid masquerading as standard.

          4. Oh wait, Antinous can you see if it will post with a vertical orientation if you change the resolution in the embed link which has {width=”600″ height=”337″.} what if you just reversed them? 

            ‘scuse my minding your business . . .

          5. Like ocker3 said, what exactly is there to fix?  Remove the black bars and have just the webpage background?  The problem isn’t the fact youtube uses 4:3 or 16:9, it’s the fact that a lot of people take video with a fixed format “camera”, like a phone.  A real video camera could have just zoomed out or even a DSLR with the right lens could have captured the whole scene in a more standard layout.

            The problem will sort itself out anyway once everyone moves to a tablet.  You’d just rotate the screen to accommodate the video layout.

          6. Maybe you just don’t care about how the work looks on the page. Of course they should remove the black rectangles and allow the page designer to decide how to fit it into the page. If you don’t care you don’t care. All the tech you are talking about is beside the point. We now have vertical video showing up with some regularity and youtube has not made an effort to accommodate. we used to happily watch blurry 640×480 analog video and think nothing of it. Now we have all these possibilities and you are talking about “standard layout” Haven’t you realized there are a bunch of horizontal formats now and we don’t blink or ask for 640×480 because “standard.” Pictures, moving or not, can be landscape or portrait. It is only the ghost of the past insisting otherwise.

          7. I don’t like it either, but consider that maybe the original video was encoded with the pillarboxing.  You wouldn’t want Youtube arbitrarily stripping out portions of uploads, even pillar/letterboxing; sometimes there are subtitles or annotations in those areas.

  2. The way Simon guards her neck to hold her up in case she falls at the end is so precious! Total big brother/little sister looking out. Super cute.

    1. I’m normally against vertical video, bit in this case I think the framing fits. Now if only the youtube app on my phone would display it to its fullest, instead of including the black bars at the sides.

  3. The vertical format is not nearly as distressing as the fact that even in cute and touching puppy videos, you can’t read 3 youtube comments without someone calling someone else a f*g.

  4. It brings to mind how much of what we think of as exclusive to humans is just par for the course for a lot of other animals as well. :) Love it!

    (Also, if I ever watch that Cyriak spirit of Christmas video again, this would be the perfect unicorn chaser for that)

  5. I  think this whole discussion is why they coined the terms geeks and nerds.  —> People who are incapable of experiencing/appreciating the content and only notice the medium/formatting/skill of the person recording the event. 

    Killjoys. Buzzkills. Whatever you want to be called, sometimes your observations are not necessary. 

  6. Meanwhile, I just saw the cute video and didn’t even notice it was letter boxed…. I guess it is a good thing I don’t work in the visual arts. Because I wouldn’t be working for long.

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