John Scalzi's smashing, existentialist sf novel Redshirts is out in paperback today (I reviewed it last June). Caloo, callay!


  1. Been reading this on and off when I spend time at my parents’ (I gave my mom the hardcover last year, and I was surprised to hear that my dad, who rarely reads for entertainment, actually read it and enjoyed it too.)  I’m about halfway through, and I really like it.

    At first, I was a bit annoyed at the fact that the characters didn’t have much depth, but as I got into it more, it just started to make sense.

    It’s kind of like an adult Galaxy Quest, with deeper philosophical implications.  And it’s really funny.  With only minor modifications, I could easily see this adapted into a movie.  It would have to be an indie flick, though (maybe the people from Iron Sky could do it?) because it exposes way too much of the plotting laziness in Hollywood.

    It might even be funnier as a live play.

  2. Bought this when it first came out and finally getting around to reading it. Thoroughly enjoyable tongue-in-cheek story that has clear affection for the thing it skewers. Delightful.

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