Edible Fletcher Hanks comics


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  1. I hate how Boing Boing is using those annoying ads that expand, cover the article, and start playing sound if you accidentally mouseover them.

  2. gfish says:

    No one in my household has brought themselves to eat any of the cookies we got from her Kickstarter! It’s a weird problem to have.

  3. DreamboatSkanky says:

    I Shall Destroy All The Comic-ized Cookies!

  4. Hah, that “Have Mercy” Fletcher Hanks drawing is one of the best.  I did my own take on it too:  http://www.artagem.com/2012/08/20/daily-drawing-11-have-mercy/

  5. mikei says:

    Well this was perfect.  I’m sick, and thus was able to waste part of my semi-vegetative day “researching” Fletcher Hanks, who appears to be something like a poor man’s Basil Wolverton (which is no great insult).  This was also more or less Will Eisner’s assessment.  The alcoholic part makes sense, only someone in an altered state could have come up with this: http://thatsmyskull.blogspot.ca/2006/01/making-of-super-villain.html

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