Tickle Me Elmo frozen in carbonite

Todd Blatt and the fun-loving weirdos at the Baltimore Node hackerspace froze a Tickle-Me-Elmo in carbonite because of (awesome) reasons:

I was at my hackerspace one evening and we got to talking about crazy ideas, like normal. We have a full size Han Solo in Carbonite at the space, and someone mentioned that it'd be funny to encase old toys in a smaller carbonite box. So I did. I used the ShopBot CNC router at the MIT FablLab at CCBC in Catonsville, MD to cut the box, an arduino to copy code to an attiny85 to run the randomization script for the LED lights, and my MakerBot to 3d print the side panels I'd previously designed for a different project. The side panels are posted here on Thingiverse and I just drilled out holes for the lights.

Tickle-Me-Elmo in Carbonite (Thanks, Todd)


  1. Part of me wants to see a Sesame Street / Star Wars mashup now.  The other part is screaming at the first part that it’s a terrible idea, which now thought of, has already been created somewhere.

    1. Hardware Wars had the “wookie monster” and ISTR that in the Mad Magazine satire of The Empire Strikes Back they showed Yoda as Grover.  Which makes sense because they’re both played by Frank Oz.

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