How the amazing UK cover for Rapture of the Nerds came to be


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  1. bcsizemo says:

    The blue Tron-esque one is pretty hot IMO.

  2. I like the white, minimalist, retro looking one (second last) the best.

  3. carlogesualdodivenosa says:

    Client: [looks at v.15] I dunno… You know, the first one wasn’t so bad.  Can we look at the first one again?

  4. Peter Hollo says:

    I like… 4 or 5 of these better than the one they chose, which doesn’t seem “amazing” at all to me :/ The US cover’s much better.
    This UK one looks like… early-to-mid ’90s (or even late ’80s) cyberpunk/clubland aesthetic I guess, maybe? Not as garish, but with those neon colours and all that. I prefer the red circle, the blue one with the half-face looking up (which is quite nicely connected to the book’s content), and even the multi-coloured eye (2nd last) better.
    Oh well, it takes all sorts?

  5. That cover probably looks amazing when you hold it in your hands. However, I’ve only seen it online, and mostly in thumbnail format at that, and it just looks… well, rather meh. But it does the job, because I strongly suspect the two author names are the biggest draw for this one anyway. 

  6. edgore says:

    It’s very, very good, but I just can’t say enough nice things about the US hardcover, with it’s delightful “school textbook” binding…

  7. Guest says:

    I had a completely different experience than that, but what was cool was that as each element got added, the book’s story got told. It just seems so weird that your artists would start from scratch each time, very few elements got kept from one iteration to the next. (Mine was by Dominic Harman, interior art is Cameron Davis, design by Cara Lewellyn)

  8. Nadreck says:

    UK genre book covers are usually orders of magnitude better than in North America.  UK publishers seem to have clued in to the fact that a good cover makes money but that doesn’t seem to matter here.  “It’s only a genre title: low prestige…”

  9. L_Mariachi says:

    God, drop that blurb, it’s tacky and clutters the space. “Booklist starred review?” Who gives a shit? Is anybody who is not a librarian or in the publishing industry even aware of the existence of Booklist, much less read it?

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