Mr Unpronounceable Adventures, spectacularly weird graphic novel in a Lovecraftian/Burroughsian vein

Mr Unpronounceable Adventures is a book of comics by Australian New Zealand surrealist artist Tim Molloy in a Lovecraftian vein. But that only scratches the surface here. Molloy is incredibly fucking weird, and not always in a funny-ha-ha way (though there's plenty of that). The story loops around and around, almost making sense, almost following a narrative, returning to themes, to iconic panels, full of menace and hectic hilarity. It's really good. It's really strange.

Here's what the publisher says about it:

Welcome to The City Of The Ever Open Eye. A dreamworld metropolis of surreal wonder and dark nightmare. Nestled between the scorched wastes of The Endless Plain and the rolling expanse of The Hundred Year Ocean stands The City, eternal and yet ever changing. Through its labyrinthine alleys and dusty plazas stumbles Mr Unpronounceable.

Seeker of secrets. Homeless necromancer. Madman.

Join our hero as he lurches, sweating and delirious, from one horrifically comedic nightmare to the next. Collected here for the first time are the complete adventures of Mr Unpronounceable, freshly squeezed from the feverish pen of psychedelic artist, Tim Molloy. So grab your Shrivelled Homunculus, ingest that alien hallucinogen, and delve into the feverish brain of Mr Unpronounceable.

The squirming secrets of the aching void await you!

There's a lot of Naked Lunch in here. There's a lot of puckered orifices. There's a lot of grotesque genitals and breasts. Reading it sometimes hurt my head. But in a good way.

Mr Unpronounceable Adventures [publisher's site, best for Australian buyers]

Mr Unpronounceable Adventures [Book Depository, cheaper shipping outside of Australia]


  1. If you want Lovecraft in comic form, read Alan Moore’s The Courtyard and the Neomonicon.  Great stories and, like in the best Lovecraftian way, will leave you deeply shaken and uneasy.

  2. Tim Molloy might be based in Australia, but he is a New Zealander.  It’s a sore spot because it often seems like Australia tries to take credit for all the good stuff that comes out of New Zealand. 

  3. Dammit. Tim is a Kiwi, – so I feel insulted. Aussie always takes the credit for our best work  – Crowded House, Split Enz, Russell Crowe (actually they can keep Russell Crowe). 
    Thanks in advance for amending your post and show us you can tell the difference between two separate nations.  

  4. Also, Bookdepository is actually better for Australians too. Although Fishpond is often better than them. Although Bookdepository via Advanced Book Exchange, especially via the UK outfit, is usually better still.


    I buy a lot of books. 

    1. That’s true, but if you’re in Australia and spend a few extra bucks on the postage buying from our site then it all goes directly to us as a small publisher, and to Tim Molloy too, so we can put it towards more work. Plus we give you a free sticker. Cool or what?

      Either we we appreciate people checking our stuff. And thanks for the review Cory.

      Milk Shadow Books

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