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13 Responses to “Building a Human: new retrofuturist short by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz”

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  2. Unadulterated genius!  I wonder did they get the idea of the Eiffel Tower as a space rocket from The Umbrella Academy comic?

  3. Hawkins Dale says:

    Well, that explains quite a bit.

  4. garyg2 says:


  5. euansmith says:

    My work here is done… Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt!

  6. Boundegar says:

    I’ve been wondering where Zardoz went.

  7. vickytnz says:

    I”m still in shock that Serafinowicz was behind the Hot Chip “I Feel Better” vid. 

  8. voiceinthedistance says:

    Michael Jackson got the replicant hammer treatment but still carried on for over a decade.

  9. Bryce Bauer says:

    “Of course, they haven’t had their life-force fucked into them yet, but this human will soon take care of that. Won’t you, Henry?”