SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED & time travel lecture in San Francisco

This coming Saturday, the SF in SF reading series is presenting the movie SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, followed by special guest Prof. Ken Wharton talking about "the logic - and illogic - of time travel." Tix are $25, proceeds benefit Variety Children's Charity of N. CA and Wonderfest.


  1. I loved that movie, so charming and fun. The ending was totally out of character though. Still, it’s better than than most of the dreck that passes as romantic comedies these days.

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    1. “The ending was totally out of character though.”

      Seriously?  I thought it was pitch perfect.

      1. Agreed, especially if he’s talking about the post-CGI cam footage. That last bit just cements what the story is about, not ‘seeking a partner to *go back in time*’, but ‘*seeking a partner* to go back in time’.

      2. Not for me. [SPOILERS]

        I thought that making a SFX spectacle at the end ruined the great character story. I didn’t mind that they actually time traveled, but it was a really hamfisted way of putting it in there. Still though, I thought the film overall was good.

  2. I don’t understand how anyone could be remotely entertained by that movie. It was a dull, uninteresting and sappy love story with as little sci-fi as they could stuff in there to not call it a second rate romance film. 

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