Amid violent protest crackdown, Sao Paulo cop smashes his own car's window


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  1. peregrinus says:

    Angry Cop is angry.

    • niktemadur says:

      Just look at the expression on that shithead.  However, I still find the UC Davis what’s-his-face pig more disturbing, taking a casual, nonchalant stroll while macing the whole lot of sitting protesters.

  2. morcheeba says:

    When my mom was young and pregnant with me, she saw a DC police officer pick up bricks and start smashing things to blame it on the non-violent vietnam protesters. It changed her and my view of what some police officers are capable of… the difference here is that now the world can see it and there’s a better chance this cop will be dismissed (hopefully he would have to pay for repairs & serve some jailtime, too).

    • Lemoutan says:

      I’m getting a feeling that cop’s bosses, and bosses thereof recursively, won’t give a toss. Am I jaded?

      • The Rizz says:

        Oh no, they’ll care. They specifically told him to check if he was being filmed before he started smashing stuff to blame on the protesters.

  3. voltaicbasho says:

    Cory, the city is called São PAULO, not Paolo.

  4. Chuck says:

    Obviously, a protest had broken out inside his car due to protesters spontaneously generating in there.  He was just trying to get back into the vehicle.

  5. São Paulo not Sao Paolo. 

  6. 333sturm says:

    Hmm, is Brazil really ready for the Olympics?

  7. ChoGal says:

    You want scary stats from violence in Brazil? There are around 20 killings A DAY in Rio de Janeiro alone. That does not include the cases where no body is found to account for.

    With less than 10% of crimes solved, impunity is rife too.

  8. spacedmonkey says:

    Here in America, they usually send some of their buddies dressed as protesters to do that.   Looks like they’ve got a ways to go before they catch up with our first world standards of law enforcement. 

    • Cowicide says:

      Right, and I point to this and other immoral acts they’ll do when people tell me they don’t think the United State government could ever get soldiers and/or law enforcement to attack United States citizens.

      While some of the ones with backbones will resist, there’s plenty of others that will “just follow orders” and sadistically enjoy it as well.

  9. Robert Drop says:

    Based on the headline, I was hoping the cop got so confused he ended up smashing his own car up in an instance of misdirected aggression.  I’m sad that isn’t the case.

  10. Calógero Sette Nucci says:

    A little bit of Bee Gees during the Salad Uprising in Sao Paulo:

  11. Bruno Leonardo Neves Machado says:

    For clarification:

  12. UFIA says:

     Sao Paulo police has an irrational hatred of streaky glass, be it windshields or lenses. 

  13. spk says:


  14. Prison teacher with hands up after a discourse : 


    Police doing Rally over people in Brasilia ( not in SP ):


    A video to show how critical is the situation:

    I’m so sad about everything so, here some points about our fights: 

    I will be very happy if you can share with the international media, reddit, etc, using the hash tag #changebrazil, every step will be great help, make some noise, please. 

    A huge censorship is occurring where peaceful protests are not shown by the , local/national media, mainly by one of the biggest manipulative mass: Globo and its affiliates.

    Thanks for everything guys!

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