Steampunk armada made from recycled plastic bottles

IZ Reloaded sez, "Spotted at Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013! Using discarded plastic bottles, bits of old toys, disassembled computers and other recycled unwanted items, David Liew of the Sleeping Iron foundry has created an armada of steampunk inspired spaceships known as the Bottle Fleet. Each model has been sculpted and painted to the level similar to that of movie production models and miniatures."

Amazing work! Puts the recycled plastic-bottle art I do with my kid to shame:

Steampunk Spaceship Armada created from plastic bottles (Thanks, IZ!)

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  1. If I may suggest the work of two artists who have been working in this area for a while:
    Tim Hawkinson

    That is his piece "Mobius Ship"

    And Chris Burden

    That is "Large Glass Ship"

    Hawkinson is one of the happiest mutants in the world and his work should get a feature here. Burden is a legend with a big output, but ships and ships made of junk appear frequently in his work.

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