D20 ice-molds

Thinkgeek sells a set of silicone D20 ice-molds for $12. I've never had good luck with two-part molds, but that product-shot is pretty spectacular, and the documentation makes reference to an ingenious-sounding interlock system that has you freezing the bottom half of the mold, locking the top on, filling it up and refreezing. If that works for you, you can also get a Death Star ice-mold.

Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Notable Replies

  1. So, was I the only person who saw the title and was confused as to why one would need special ice-molds for heavy water?

    Edit: initial "so" placed for @Gyrofrog's "enjoyment"

  2. Also putting that much ice in a glass of whiskey is a crime. Putting ANY ice in whiskey is generally frowned upon.

  3. I love the purple velvet the tumbler is sitting on...

  4. Nah, anyone who professes there's a "one true way" to drink whiskey is a self-important jerk. If you like your whiskey cold, drink it cold.

    Sorry for the jargon - Mizuwari is just whiskey with water, in Japanese (it's a popular way to drink whiskey in Japan, as on the rocks is in the US).

  5. Sometimes, I like to drink booze out of a glass. All fancy, like.

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