Poultry shaming: Cultural Revolution confessions for chickens and roosters

You've likely seen pet shaming -- pictures of dogs with signs round their necks bearing Cultural Revolution-style admissions like "I eat my own poop." But you haven't lived until you've seen poultry shaming. Textile artist Amy L Rawson's got you covered.

Public Poultry Shaming

Notable Replies

  1. Meanwhile, somewhere on a poultry-focused bulletin board, pictures are being posted of humans who have backyard chickens with signs around their neck: "I don't clean the hen house very often" "I buy the cheapest possible food" and "I don't let the chickens out enough."

  2. 'I never cross the road.'

  3. I told everybody that the sky is falling.

  4. Would you tell my dog that? Please?

  5. 'I let dinosaur-gait researchers stick a toilet plunger on my butt'.

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