Chocolate cookie milk shots: milk tumblers made from chocolate chip cookies

An Instagram post from cronut creator Dominique Ansel announced his new invention: a milk-tumbler made out of molded, baked chocolate cookie dough intended for serving milk. The "Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots" will debut at SXSW.

Figuring that "if everyone was drinking milk with cookies, you might as well make a dessert that allows them both to be combined," Ansel has created a chocolate chip cookie recipe that "stayed crispy and moist in parts" even as it held milk. (When asked if Ansel would be rolling out the cookie shots at his SoHo bakery, he just said "We'll see!") Ansel's cookie shots will be available during an Allison+Partners-sponsored event on Sunday, March 9. Austin dwellers should probably get in line now.

Dominique Ansel to Debut Milk & Cookie Shots at SXSW [Hillary Dixler/Eater]

(via Crazy Abalone)

Notable Replies

  1. I love the ingenuity, but the biggest problem I can see is you have to drink the milk before the cookie cup becomes too soggy and falls apart. And the whole point of dunking cookies in milk is to get the cookie just moist enough that it dissolves in your mouth, and then you wash it down with cookie-flavored milk.

  2. Time to "tech" it up... Produce the glass form with a 3D cookie dough printer. Either the dough at the bottom can be thicker or the composition of the dough can be more dense. Through trial and error (and much gnoshing), I will arrive with a cup that is precisely calibrated to absorb enough milk for the desired amount of moistness for a 5 minute sip-n-bite session.

    Edit. Need to build in a non-cookie reservoir at the bottom, so one can get that last sip of cookie-infused milk to wash it all down.

  3. Clearly the way to go is to do shot sized ones so you can pop the whole thing in your mouth. I'll have to give that a go this weekend.

  4. It looks like they've had melted chocolate swirled round the inside. If they haven't, then they should swirl melted chocolate round the inside.

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