Skeletons in space-suits

The Skeletons in Space Suits is a fabulous collection from a very diverse set of sources. I'm sure they could use your contributions -- do you have anything that'd work?

Skeletons in Space Suits (via Wil Wheaton)

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  1. Obligatory: Hey! Who turned out the lights?!

  2. I wanted to make sure the James P. Hogan novel INHERIT THE STARS was represented, and it is.
    James P. Hogan, Inherit the Stars

    I've always wondered though ---- is this a realistic scenario?

    If an astronaut died in his suit like this on the Moon, even if his suit wasn't breached, he presumably died when he ran out of air --- is whatever bacteria is in/on his body really going to consume him down to the skeleton?

  3. If it did, it wouldn't even be able to dessicate--all the water in his body would stay trapped in the suit.

    The moral is, if you see a sealed spacesuit with a skull behind the faceplate, you know that everything from the neck down is going to be filled with flesh slurry straight out of the Devil's own soup bowl.

  4. There was also Robot Monster, who was really just a guy in a gorilla suit and space helmet but was depicted with a skeleton face in the movie poster so he'd look marginally scarier.

    That was actually my Halloween costume last year.

  5. dobby says:

    So did I,

    Every week I saw this movie in the video store with that great cover art. I watched it just last week after all these years, lets say that the space scenes are pretty cool in an 80s fear of nuclear war way but then it has cannibalism, a frat boy who becomes lord of the flies, a rapist who becomes one of the good guys along with the girl he was serial raping, and a road warrior converted bulldozer. Does not live up to the cover art IMHO.

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