Slipstick funnies: in case of power-outage...

Rodney sez, "Wayne Pollock, a Computer Science instructor at Hillsborough Community College (FL), has this on his office wall. He says, 'I had that idea years ago, and my dad made the darn thing one year as a gift.'"

Notable Replies

  1. I suppose the windowless labs where these things are found wouldn't power a solar calculator.

  2. That one's too small for the big jobs.

  3. When I was sitting my finals at University (in 2000) we had a screed of complicated rules about what calculators we could use, and had to write our calculator model on the front page of the exam paper and so on. All of the above only applied to electronic calculators, though, so I sat my (physics) exams with a slide-rule just for the fun of watching the confused invigilators try to decide what to do about it.

    Fortunately our examiners are kind and the numbers tended to only need practical precisions to work with on a slide-rule. :slightly_smiling:

  4. ... an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

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