360-degree kitten-cam

Complete with the sort of music that accompanies peaceful villages in Japanese adventure games, newStory's 360° footage of four adorable kittens is here to brighten your day. Drag and click inside the video to look around! [via Metafilter]

Four types of, pure white hair is beautiful minuet, Scottish Fold of mottled gray and white, dark gray Shah Ruth Liu, cream of Ragamuffin. Which child is also a cute serving with about 2 to 3 months born.

Notable Replies

  1. Now my heart's all warm and I'm filled with shining light. Some dumb jerk commented positively on my smile.

    Thanks a lot, Boingboing. Way to ruin my reputation!

  2. Squeeee!!!

  3. Well, where's your kitten cam? Selfish! :wink:

  4. Strapped to her head. I'm signing her up for extreme sports next month.

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