White Supremacy Euphemism Generator for journalists

Reading recent coverage of Donald Trump's friends on the far right, it struck me that even when people pander to the idea Western culture's wellbeing is inseparable from European ethnicity, they somehow avoid being called white nationalists or supremacists by journalists.

It must be hard work coming up with all the "conservative firebrand" allusions and some say implications required to make facts clear without stating them. So I thought I'd help out by putting together another journalistic euphemism generator!

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  1. "Wan activists" lol

  2. TobinL says:

    damn it I should have got a screen shot but I would so join up on the side of The Feminist Glitterati!

  3. There are no staff writers at Boing Boing. This whole site is the editors who founded it, me, and periodical guest contributors.

    In the sense you're getting at, though, many of those contributors and former editors over the years were people of color, and we're are always eager to find new voices. If you didn't know this, well, people see what they look for.

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