Free audiobook of Car Wars, my self-driving car/crypto back-door apocalypse story

Last month, Melbourne's Deakin University published Car Wars, a short story I wrote to inspire thinking and discussion about the engineering ethics questions in self-driving car design, moving beyond the trite and largely irrelevant trolley problem.

Shortly after, I went into Skyboat Media's studio and recorded an audio edition of the story, which the Deakin folks mastered with visuals and SFX to produce a smashing video.

I've extracted just the audio as an MP3 for your mobile listening/podcast pleasure, as well.

Notable Replies

  1. Yri says:

    Yeah, I played Car Wars back in the day. Fun to run around in a VW bug with machine guns mounted on it.

  2. Will it be serialized in Autoduel Quarterly?

  3. as long as they are digest sized. Once they went to the 8.5x11 and eschewed the cardstock cover...I have nothing good to say.

    But I still drive my Fnord Truck

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