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Just look at these spooky banana ghosts


Just look at 'em with their evil chocolate chip eyes. Part of Let's Go Chipper's series on healthy Halloween snacks in the run-up to Saint Beetus Day. Also:

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Just look at this shattered banana that gives mute testimony of the bitter cold of Norway.

Just look at it.

This is how cold it is in Norway right now. ( (Thanks, arbitrary aardvark!)

Just look at this banana being shot with a steel bearing fired from an air-cannon.

Just look at it.

How to Peel a Banana/Alan_sailer (Thanks, Philip!)

Just look at this mutant triple banana.

Just look at it.

I see your double banana, and raise you another banana... I introduce MUTANT TRIPLE BANANA! (

Just look at this Alien banana sculpture.

Just look at it.

Just an alien sculpted in a banana. How should we call it?

Just look at these other amazing bananasthings. (Thanks, Kritika!)

Just look at this banana fan.

Just look at it.

Banana Fan

Just look at this peelable papercraft banana

Just look at it.

Paper Banana (Thanks, Blake!)