VALENTINE'S WILCOCK: John meets Amber (his future wife)


A book of John Wilcock comics is now available

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JOHN WILCOCK: Andy Warhol's Mole People and Fred Herko's Suicide Dance (1964)

Freddy Herko by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall
A comic strip about Freddie Herko, who was a captivating and influential artist in New York, until his untimely death at age 28, in 1964. From John Wilcock, New York Years. (Supplements include Andy Warhol's screen test of Herko and an appreciation from The Guardian)

Have a Very Merry N.R.A. Christmas!

Tom the Dancing Bug 1267 nra christmas
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the N.R.A.'s Wayne La Pierre plays Santa Claus, and everybody gets a gun, naughty OR nice!

Comic trailer: Raising Dion, superhero child with a single mom


What's it like Raising Dion, a 7-year-old son with superpowers? Watch the trailer, then read the first issue free. Read the rest

Comic about the woman who invented the coffee filter


Over at Backchannel, comic artist Andy Warner's illustrated the story of Melitta Bentz, a German housewife who in 1908 invented the coffee filter. Read the rest

Comic about how a man and his dog invented velcro


Over at Backchannel, Andy Warner's comic about how in 1941 a Swiss electrical engineer returned from a hike with his dog in the Alps and came up with velcro. Read the rest

Groo: Friends and Foes #4

I gobble down each issue of Groo: Friends and Foes faster than our bumbling hero slurps down cheese dip. In issue 4 (out now from Dark Horse), Groo and Rufferto stumble into his old "friend," Arcadio the Hero, who is working on training dragons to help him look more heroic. Once Groo gets involved, the village doesn't stand a chance.

Mark Evanier's writing is seamless and always leaves me giggling. Sergio Aragones' art blows me away. Read it again and again. Every time, you'll see something you missed. Be sure to check the back cover, an entire page devoted to the most devoted dog there is. Rufferto, of course, is the only real hero.

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This simple comic strip concisely explains the complexities of Twitter drama


Apologies to all who think Twitter is srs bzns. Jokestress out! Read the rest

Hello Kitty is apparently not a cat

Hello Kitty is apparently not a cat according to Sanrio. In other news, Snoopy is confirmed to be a dog. Read the rest

Tyler Capps: Boing Boing Wake Up Cake recipe!

Tyler Capps is a chef from the Internet. His 2AM Chili recipe blew up on Reddit back in 2011. Then his comical recipe comic for The Bananarama did too. So Tyler launched Cooking Comically where he posts illustrated HOWTOs for Hobo Pies, Trustfall Chicken, Happy Little Hash Browns, and dozens of other noms. Tyler has just published an excellent new cookbook too, titled, what else, "Cooking Comically: Recipes So Easy You'll Actually Make Them." When we asked Tyler to create a recipe for Boing Boing, our only request was that he base it on one key ingredient, caffeine. That was enough stimulation for Tyler to come up with a magical formula for… Wake Up Cake! Here's the recipe: Read the rest

Indiegogo campaign for Latino superhero comic

Bruce Logan, a director/cinematographer who worked on Tron, Star Wars, Batman Forever, and many other projects, and Richard Soto, an actor/teacher/storyteller, developed a new comic book about a Latino comic book artist who draws to entertain the kids in the barrio. The star of the comic-within-the-comic is an Aztec superhero, El Lobo, who protects the barrio from the neighborhood gangs. Guess what happens next… El Lobo comes to life! Right now, Logan, Soto, and artist Albert Morales (Fantastic Four, The New Avengers, etc.) are trying to fund the completion and publication of the comic with an Indiegogo campaign. Their hope is that the comic will set the stage for an eventual feature film. The Legend of El Lobo (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!) Read the rest

Chris Ware's latest New Yorker cover and the Newtown tragedy

Ware writes:

On December 14th, I helped chaperone my daughter’s second-grade-class field trip to a local production of “The Nutcracker,” where I spent most of my time not watching the ballet but marvelling at the calm efforts of the teacher to keep the yelling, excited class quieted down. Teaching was not, I concluded at one point, a profession in which I could survive for even one day. Our buses came back to the school at midafternoon, and I and the other volunteer parents left our children for another hour of wind-down time (for us, not them) before returning for the regular 3-P.M. pickup. I came home, however, not to any wind-down but to the unfolding coverage of the Newtown shooting.
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Happy Halloween

Via Incidental Comics

Thanks to Kristina Killgrove for the link.

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Scenes From a Multiverse: wicked webcomic mixes science, net.humor, high weirdness

Scenes from a Multiverse, the delightfully weird webcomic from John Rosenberg (creator of the transcendently bizarre Goats, is now available in book form. Rosenberg created Scenes as a more accessible alternative to Goats, whose convoluted storylines, while immensely entertaining (and mindbending) required quite a commitment to follow. By contrast, Scenes mostly takes the form of stand-alone one-page scenes from various parallel dimensions (though there are some multi-installment stories that revisit some of the deeper weird beloved by Goats aficionados). Rosenberg's humor blends science, high weirdness and pop culture in a mix that is not quite like any other, and I could read him all day long. See below for some of my favorite strips from the collection.  Infinite Typewriters: Goats webcomic collection is transcendantly ... Goats II: The Corndog Imperative — transcendently weird comic ... Scenes From A Multiverse: funny webcomic from the creator of Goats – Read the rest