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Insanely labor-intensive Gangnam Style flipbook animation video

An incredibly labor-intensive animated flipbook version of PSY's "Gangnam Style." Such a bummer that Etoilec1, the talented creator of this stunning video, was sound-blocked by YouTube's automated IP enforcement police. Etoilec1's original video is here (and below), in higher rez, but it's stripped of sound. Subscribe to his channel or follow him on Facebook, for more flipbook fun. Above, a lower-rez copycat upload on Vimeo. (Thanks, Joe Sabia!)

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Mongolian "Gangnam Style" remake

Oppan Mongolian style! Another brilliant remake of PSY's viral hit. Like the Inuit version I blogged here, I love that this one incorporates traditional, local, indigenous cultural references within a global techno internet meme. This one was uploaded and presumably created by "Cari Bou," identified as a user in Mongolia. It's really well done.

(Thanks, Susan Fox!)

The Star Trek-Psy parody you know you wanted: Klingon Style

This was destined to happen, and it's all in Klingon. What better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the internet, all at the same time? (video link) (via Comediva)